PERAK Security Forum
November, 2013

The Secretariat participated in two security forums organized by PERAK in Nairobi and Coast.

The participants were taken through the following areas:

Ø  Crisis Management

Ø  Identify prevention methods & counter measures

Ø  Identify areas of weakness

Ø  Apply recognised investigation methods

Ø  Implement correct aftercare protocols

Ø  Theft, Fraud & Malpractice

Ø  Conducting security surveys & audits

Ø  Physical security, limitations & reaction activity

Ø  CCTV surveys

Ø  Legal implications

Ø  Workplace hazards

Ø  Building Security

Ø  Correct use of equipment

Ø  The Importance of Maintenance

Ø  Correct Deployment of Personnel & Equipment

We thank all who participated in the training.

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