KAHC Structures

The administrative structure of the Association is currently demarcated into Seven principal regions as appended hereunder. These are based on geographical proximity of the members’ establishment

  1. Nairobi Region
  2. Rift Valley
  3. Western Region
  4. Mount Kenya Region
  5. Coast Region. [ South Coast,North Coast/Mombasa Island]
  6. Amboseli/Tsavo Region
  7. Malindi Watamu Region


Each region meets regularly to deliberate on matters of particular interest affecting the industry in that region. They then report to the Association’s Management Committee on the general state of the industry in the respective regions, at the bi-monthly meetings of the Management Committee.

Board of Directors:

This is the top decision-making organ of the Association and consists of the National Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, the Chairman of each region, a representative of Clubs, Restaurants, Entertainment and other members appointed by hotel groups having more than 600 beds. Decisions of the Board of Directors are implemented by the Secretariats whose Chief Executive is the Secretary to the Board.

The Secretariat:

The day to day management of the affairs of the Association is coordinated by two secretariats; one in Nairobi headed by a Chief Executive Officer, and the other in Mombasa headed by an Executive Officer. These two and other officers are available for consultations over telephone, via email, post or meetings, as convenient to members.

The task of co-ordinating the committees and sub-committees mentioned above, is one among many others, which the secretariats handle.

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