April, 2013

The National Consultation workshop on Trade in Services was held in Merica Hotel, Nakuru from 14th to 17th April 2013. The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Trade with support from Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA). The workshop attracted forty three (43) participants from both public and private sector, in which the Association was also represented.

This meeting was convened pursuant to the Sectoral Council on Investment, Industry, Trade and Finance decision of 2nd November 2012, which formed a technical committee to review the technical errors, inconsistencies, and legal discrepancies in the EAC Common Market text on Trade in Services and the Schedules of Commitment. Following the formation of this technical committee, the committee held its first meeting in Nairobi from 25th to 28th March 2013. The committee requested the partner states to convene national consultations to identify technical errors, inconsistencies and legal discrepancies in the EAC Common Market.

At the forum in Nakuru the participants identified the inconsistencies, errors and discrepancies and agreed on the way forward for Kenya’s Schedule of commitments on trade in services.

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